Wait a bit
And you already deep in the sea
There so quiet
what you want to see

that can your imagination

fish swims around you
and you dont know where to go
your home is flooded
while you sleep

you go around your home
you can’t swim
you sit on the stingray
and you can’t belive
your hair is blue
and a star on the neck

that can your imagination
while you sleep

скоро станет хитом, никита трейси — йаау

you looked up
were the sun shines
you sail past the stars
everywhere there is light

on the ocean floor
so beautyful
you open the door
in your dreams, it’s so cool!

there is so much magic
and all is right
endless stars
and the moon in the night

it became so dark
glowing fish far away
you saw the cave
and decided to stay here

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